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Never underestimate 3 things

Never underestimate
the power of 3 things:

1. Wife angry for a reason.

2. Wife angry without reason.

3. Wife about to get Angry
and looking for a reason!

Which paper was it

Height of Coolness:
Finishing the Paper
Coming out of the exam hall
Having a Cold Drink
And asking a friend:
Dude, Which paper was it? :D

All female are same

I hate mosquitoes,
I mean I know I'm delicious
but damn..... :( :(
I know that female mosquitoes suck human blood...
All female are same...

With Just Single Kiss

With Just A Single Kiss On Lips  for 30 Sec.
She Got Pragnant.....!!!
Who is She?
BALOON. :P :D :)

Never get upset after breakup

Chinese never get upset
after breakups
They know that they will find
an exactly same looking partner
within minutes :P :D lolzz

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