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Your Friend already looking at you

The most beautiful feeling in the world?
When you try 2 look at your Friend
and you find that your Friend
is already looking at you...
Location: Examination Hall... :P :v

Similarity between Sun & Wife

What is similarity between
Very Simple..
Aap dono ki taraf ghoor kar nahi dekh sakte.

All Girls are beautiful after

"All Girls are beautiful
After the lights are switched off "
- #Shakespeare
"All boys are innocent
Before the lights are off "
- Shakespeares Wife :v :P

No one says I am Fantastic

When I drink Alcohol

everyOne says I'm Alcoholic…
When i drink #Fanta..
no one says I'm Fantastic..!!! :P

Between Problem Talent Kismat

What is the difference between
6 Boys Love 1 Girl
1 Boy Loves 6 Girls = TALENT
6 Girls Loves 1 Boy = KISMAT

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