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Very Special in your Life

Never make anyone "very special" in your Life ::
When they "change",
You don't "hate" them
Instead you start "HATING" yourself !! :(


Best & Worst feeling of world

The best feeling in the World is
When u FALL in Love <3
The worst feeling in the World is
When u FAIL in Love .... :(


When she is not with me

She knows that
I Love Her
She knows that
I Miss Her
She also knows that
I can't live without her
But she doesn't know that
When she is not with me
I #Cry for her :"(


I am Alone without her

I am #Alone without her
I can't live without her......
Even #God doesn't know.....
How much I #Love her .......:'(


I cry too much daily

I saw my face in her eyes
She is so #Wise & #Nice
She try to forget me daily
I can't forget her #Face
So, I Cry too much daily......:'(


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