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Best & Worst feeling of world

The best feeling in the World is
When u FALL in Love <3
The worst feeling in the World is
When u FAIL in Love .... :(

When she is not with me

She knows that
I Love Her
She knows that
I Miss Her
She also knows that
I can't live without her
But she doesn't know that
When she is not with me
I #Cry for her :"(

I am Alone without her

I am #Alone without her
I can't live without her......
Even #God doesn't know.....
How much I #Love her .......:'(

I cry too much daily

I saw my face in her eyes
She is so #Wise & #Nice
She try to forget me daily
I can't forget her #Face
So, I Cry too much daily......:'(

After Break Up In Love

When two People
in Love Break up,
They can't be Friends,
as they have hurt each other
They can't be Enemies, as once
they Loved each other
The only thing they can be,
are the most familiar strangers !! :(

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