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When You Left Me I Got Hurt

U Hurted me.........  I was Silent
U Broke my Heart.. I was Silent
U Ignored me .......  I was silent
BUT ____
When U Left me,
I Brusted into Tears
Bcoz M hurt more
Than I Deserve...!!!

I feel so much lonely

You are so much
important in my #Life.
Not Because
I enjoy your company |♥|
But ...
I feel so much Lonely
in Your Absence...!! ♥ :(

Anything is valuable after loosing

Anything is valuable only in two situations
First before getting it

And secondly after loosing it
In between, you never realize
the true value of anything or anyone.

The Biggest Suspense of Life

The Biggest #Suspense Of #Life Is :

That You Never Know
The Person who is #Praying for you
the Person who is #Playing with You... :(

Sometimes you are just an option

Never assume that
someone likes you by their 'Sweetness'.
Sometimes, you are just an option
When they are bored. -_-

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