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10 Best Moments in Life

10 Best #Moments in #Life

- To finish your last exam.
- To wake up and realize its still possible to sleep "5 min".
- To get a phone call saying class is cancelled.
- To see an old friend again and to feel that things have not changed.
- To touch the fingers of newly born child.
- Walking alone on a silent road at night and thinking of some good old days memories.
- Riding the cycle/bike on a highway while its raining.
- Sitting alone but you are still smiling cause you know someone is watching you.
-The calm You feel inside when you Are near to Almighty God
- And the last one is "right now" while reading this message there was constant smile on your face


Man should never disrespect the Mother

A Man should never disrespect the Mother of his child.
No matter how mad you are, always remember,
she's doing whatever she can to provide, protect, love,
and feed your child like no one else will.
Especially when you ain't helping or
barely giving a helping hand !!


Happy and blessed Ganesh Chaturthi

May Lord Ganesha bestow you
with eternal bliss, peace and
A very happy and blessed
Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family!


Mom really know everything

6 years: Mom knows everything !
8 years: Mom knows a lot !

12 years: Mom really doesn't know everything !
14 years: Mom knows nothing !
16 years: Mom, what mom !

18 years: Mom is outdated !
25 years: Maybe Mom knows!
35 years: Before deciding, let's ask Mom!

45 years: I wonder what Mom thinks!
75 years: I wish. Mom was here to ask! :((

Thumbs Up and SHARE !! if you have the BEST *MOM* IN THE WORLD...!


I am a soldier born to die

A heart touching poem by a Solider...

If i die in war zone,
Box me up and send me home.

Put my medals on my chest,
Tell my Mom I did my best.

Tell my Dad not to bow,
he won't get tension from me now.

Tell my Brother to study perfectly,
Keys of my bike will be his permanently

Tell my Sister not to upset,
her bro will not raise after the sunset.

And Tell my Love not to cry,
coz I'm a #Soldier Born to Die...