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The best relation is FRIENDSHIP

In lyf relations have many names..
Bt the best 1 is FRIENDSHIP.

Mom says- Tell me beta wats ur problem,
I m like ur Friend na!

Dad says- Dnt feel scared,
Take me as ur Friend beta..
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College Life means

College Life:

Means... 8 frnds, 1 bike but no petrol...
Means... Exam night, 6 dufers & no notes...
Means... Sitting on sea view, 6 smokerz & 1 cigarette...
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Because, Water Has No Colour.,
No Shape.,
And No Taste...!
But it is More essential For #Life.!
That's #Friendship. :)
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When Boy takes care of Girl

Strange but true....
When a girl takes care of a boy
Boy thinks it's Love
but it's Friendship.
When a boy takes care of a girl
Girl thinks it's Friendship
But it's LOVE.. <3
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Thinks Friendship But its Love

When a Girl take care of a boy.
Boy thinks it's Love But it's Friendship.
When a boy take care of a Girl.
Girl thinks it's Friendship. But it's Love...
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Red Rose for You

#White_Rose is for Purity,
#Orange is for Desire,
#Pink is for Gratitude,
#Peach is for Appreciation,
And #Yellow is for #Friendship.
But I chose Red Rose for you
Which symbolizes #LOVE
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New Year to remember all

New Year is the time to remember
All the #memories we share,
All the fun things we did,
All the #secrets we poured out
for distance is the last thing
that can create a rift in our #Friendship.
Wish you a very Happy New Year!!!
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