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Mohabbat ‎Exam‬ Ke Baad

Na Wafa Ki Umeed Hogi,
Na #Wafa Ki Baat Hogi,
Ab Jis Se Bhi #Mohabbat Hogi,
‪#‎Exam‬ Ke Baad Hogi. :P :P

Never Take Them Granted

We Take Everything For Granted,
- A Constantly Worried Mom,
- A Strict Dad,
- Annoying Brother,
- Rude Sis,
- Chipku Friend,
- Posessive Lover,
- Nagging Wife,
- Demanding Husband,
Blink ! U Lost Them
U'll Miss Them As
- Caring Mom,
- Concerned Dad,
- Best Bro,
- Stupid Sis,
- Mera Jigar: My Friend,
- My Wife: My Love,
- Loving Hubby
Don't Take Them For Granted.
Life Never Gives a 2nd Chance..!!

Whom You Love the Most

When you Read a #LOVE quote,
You never think of the person,
Who has written the quote,
But __
You alwayz think of the person,
Whom you LOVE the most !!! <3

Two Things Define Success

Two Things Define UR #SUCCESS in #LIFE
The way U #MANAGE
When U have Nothing
The way U BEHAVE
When U have Everything -_-

Life can replace someone

If #LIFE can remove someone
you never thought of Losing
It can replace them
with someone
you never dreamt of having !!!