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Treat Women With Respect

DeaR MeN !!
TreaT YouR WomeN WitH RespecT
1 Day SomEonE WiLL Do ThE SamE
To yOuR DauGhteR :)

Dear Girls Accept Apology

GUYS are not very good with
expressing their feeling...but that
doesn't mean they don't feel....infact
they are more emotionally stressed than girls.... So,
When he messes up and apologises, accept his apology.
When you see he is holding back tears, forgive him.
When he hurts u, and he's there to hold
you back together let -- h i m.
When Its apparent that any pain you feel,
he feels 10 times worse...

A Lesson for Every Single Girl

Here is a Lesson for every single girl out there:
Never ever settle. You may think you arent gorgeous
smart and have too many insecurities to count
but there is going to be someone in the world
Who will truly love you for you.
Dont ever think that youve got to put up with some boys shit
because he is the first one in a long time to show some interest.
You are all beautiful in your own individual way
so never lower your standards.

Fact about guys and girls

F A C T . . . ! ! !
Guys Get Mad Easily,
Girls Get Sad Easily...

Guys Can Forget,
But Cannot Forgive
Girls Can Forgive,
But Cannot Forget...

Guys Care The Most About
The Quantity of Love
Girls Care The Most About
The Quality of Love..

Girls Eyes Reveals the Feelings

!~♥~! Dedicated to All Girls !~♥~!
She Says: “You are Just a Good Friend!”
Her Eyes Say: “I Can’t See you to be Anyone’s Boyfriend!”

She says: “Go Away!”
Her Eyes Say: “Don’t Ever Go Far From Me”

She says: “Don’t Kiss Me!”
Her Eyes Say: “Don’t Follow My Words!”

She says: “I am Confused!”
Her Eyes Say: “I Just Love You!”
-That’s Why Eyes are the Most Beautiful Part of a Girl!!
Girls Say Something….
But, Their Eyes Reveals the Fact. Feelings Can’t be Hidden!
That’s Why Girls Seems to be Complicated...

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