Don't Love too soon

Don't Love too soon.
Don't Trust too fast.
Don't Quit too early.
Don't Expect too high.
Don't Talk too much.....

We should not judge people

We should not judge people
by their peak of excellence;
but by the distance they have traveled
from the point where they started.
- Henry Ward Beecher

All you need is deep with in you

All you need is deep with in you
waiting to reveal itself.
All you have to do is be still,
take time to see what is with in.
And you will surely find it...

Develop the abilty to listen anything

Shakespear said:-
When you develop the abilty to listen to anything
without losing your temper and self-confidence.
It,s mean u have become educated.

Educations is the best friend

"Educations is the best friend,
An educated person is respected everywhere,
Education beats the beauty and the youth"