Everything for a reason

Everything happens for a reason:
#Live it, #Love it, #Learn from it.
Make your #Smile 🙂 change the world
But don't let the world change your smile !
Good Morning !

Have a Blessed Day!

God is above to bless you.
Before to guide you,
Behind to protect you,
Beside to comfort you,
Inside to sustain you.
Good Morning and Have a Blessed Day!

Have a Positive Morning

A good start to a day very #important...
If you are in a #Positive frame of mind in the #Morning
than you are very likely to have a productive day.
Have a Positive Morning!!!

Leave everything on god

Those who joyfully leave everything
in God's hand
will eventually see
God's hand in everything.
Worries end where faith begins.
Good Morning & Have a great day!

Each day something special

Something special awaits you each day,
All you need is to recognize it
and make the most of it.
Have a positive attitude throughout the day
and then I am sure for you
that today is going to be a great day....
Good Morning