Never hide your feelings

Bell has no sound till someone rings it.
Song has no tune till someone sings it.
So never hide your feelings,
because it has no value till someone feels it !!!

Learn to Apologize

If U want a Strong And
Never Ending Relationship
Then Learn To Apologize,
Even When Its Not Your Mistake
Bcoz Its Necessary To
Keep The Relationship Not The Ego !!!

Each relationship has

Each relationship has
#Feelings and #Differences.

It's always better to be melted
in Feelings than to be
frozen in Differences.

No Sorry and No Thanks

People say,  that there is
'No Sorry' and 'No Thanks'
in a relationship
but, experience says, that,
most of the time
these two words
always save the relations.

Someone else like you

Girl: Promise me you won't #Love
any other girl than me.
Boy: I can't.
Girl: So there's someone else?
Boy: Yes. And she looks exactly like you but younger.
And She will call you "Mommy'. <3