New Year to remember all

New Year is the time to remember
All the #memories we share,
All the fun things we did,
All the #secrets we poured out
for distance is the last thing
that can create a rift in our #Friendship.
Wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

Every moment of this year

May every moment of this year
would be unique, filled with pure pleasure
and Each day comes out like exactly what you want...
Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Have a fantastic year

May the coming year be for you:
Awesome Jan
Mind-blowing Feb
Wonderful March
Super Duper April
Funfilled May
Victorious June
Amazing July
Carefree Aug
Rocking Sept
Cheerful Oct
Prosperous Nov
Blissful Dec
Have a fantastic year ahead.
Happy New Year!

New Year turns out special

I wish that the New Year turns out to be
a very special one for you -
keeping you in pink of health,
wallowing you in wealth,
surrounding you in life's luxuries
and blessing you with peace and serenity.
A very Happy New Year to you!!!

Naye Saal Ki Badhai

Raat Chandni, Timtimate Taare,
Sham ke Dhalte Gumm Hoye Nazare...
Naye Saal ka Ab Hoga Nya Savera,
Dukh Hon Door aur Naiyya Lge Teri Kinare,
Naye Saal Ki Badhai O' Mere Pyare !!!