Crushes are more beautiful

Crushes are more beautiful than Affairs
because there is no responsibility,
no worry, no commitment.
Just look at your #Crush
and #Smile like an idiot.<3 :P

Cute Message for Girlfriend

Extra #Cute message:-
A Boy send sms to his #GirlFriend :
"Sweet heart, Sorry to disturb u.
Can u send me ur photo?
Its really very urgent."
Girl: "But Why baby?"
Boy: "We are playing card's
& I have lost my #QUEEN. <3 ;)

I am just waiting

Boy: Why don't you have a boyfriend?
Girl: I am not allowed to have a boyfriend,
but why don't you have a girlfriend ???
Boy: Because you are not allowed to have a boyfriend yet.
So I am just waiting for you! :) ;)

Facebook Love Story

Facebook Love Story !!!
Poke → Poked back
→ Add as friend → confirm →
Write something on wall → Introduce
→ Everyday chatting →
Ask phone number → Text messaging → Calling
→ Meeting→ Like each other → In relationship with →
Hangout a lot → Misunderstanding → Fight→
Break up → Unfriend → Block. :P :P :(

I love the way You notice me

Top class flirting line .......
Girl: I dont lyk, the way
U keep staring at me! :/
Boy: And I love the way
U notice me doing that! :P :D