Make your life better

Make your life better good day status

Some people make your life better
by walking into it,

While other people will make your life
better by walking out of it.
Good Morning and Have a Good Day !!!

My Wishes For You

No shadows to depress you,
only joys to surround you,
Friends, to Love you,
and God himself to Bless you.
These are my wishes
for today, tomorrow & everyday.
Good Morning & have a Nice Day!

Nothing Called Problem

There is nothing called 'Problem',
it's just absence of an idea
to find the Solution.
Good Morning & have a great Day !!!

Always Trust Yourself

A Bird sitting on a tree
is never afraid of the branch breaking;
Because her trust is
not on the branch but on its wings!
Good Morning & Have a Nice Day!

Its game of life

In the game of life,
sometimes people kick us as we are football,
but they don't know that
they themselves are sending us near the goal!
Good Morning & Have a Nice Day!