A Matter of Time

A School Bell
that sounds annoying at 8am,
sounds exciting at 4pm.

It’s just a matter of Time. Stay Positive.✌

Two things define you

Two things define you.
Your #Patience
when you have nothing,
your #Attitude
when you have everything.

Live each day better

Live each day better inspirational status

Life doesn't allow us
to go back and fix
What we have done
wrong in the past,

But it does allow us to
Live each day
Better than our past.

Secret of Happiness

The secret of #Happiness
is to count your blessings

While others are adding
up their troubles

Ignore negative things

Did you Notice ?
That all #Happy faces
have closed eyes?
And on the other hand,
All #Sad or #Angry faces
have open eyes.
This is life...
Close ur Eyes &
ignore all negative things
to Live #happily.