Reasons to Smile

Enjoy Life, no matter how hard it seems.
When Life gives 500 or 1000
reasons to Struggle,
Show the World
that you have 2000 reasons to #Smile 🙂 !

Important Life Lessons

Before you Write, THINK.
Before you Spend, EARN.
Before you Retire, SAVE.
Before you Invest, INVESTIGATE.
Before you Criticize, WAIT.
Before you Pray, FORGIVE.
Before you Quit, TRY.
Before you Die, GIVE.

There is a Victory

Where there is a struggle, there is a Story
Where there is #Belief, there are #miracles...
And Where there is the Truth, there is a Victory

A Lesson from Hand

A #Lesson from our Hand:
All fingers are not in the same length.
But when they bend, all stand #Equal.
Life becomes easy
When we bend and adjust to all situations :)

Enjoy every moment of Life

Life is only traveled once 
today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory.
Enjoy every moment,
Good or Bad -
because the gift of Life is Life itself.