Being close to god

The feeling of being close to god
is just out of this World.
Realised...He was there for me everytime.
Faith tell me no matter what lies ahead for me.
He is already there...

Love Punjabis Because

I love #Punjabis
because only two types
of discussion happen in mind...
How to Lose Weight
and What to Eat Next? 😀 😂

Ingredients to make Alcohol

I don't know the ingredients
they used to make #Alcohol
but am sure 🤔
they added #happiness,
truth, and English 😜

Things that make Man Happy

Five things that make a Man Happy :)
1. Buy 1 get 1 free
2. Flat 50% off
3. Unlimited beer
4. Winning Cricket match
5. Wife not at Home 😀

Goyal Mallya Teams Up

If Goyal of Jet Airways teams up
with Mallya to set up a new airline,
it will be called GolMal Airlines 😀
And if Subrata Roy of Sahara joins them,
it will become Sub GolMal Airlines! 😂😂😂