Don't be afraid

There is no #Wine
if grapes are not pressed.
No #Perfume
if flowers are not crushed.
So, don't be afraid
if there are pressures in your life
that will bring the best out of you!

Don't answer video calls

Most females don't answer
video calls after 9 PM...

Because their face is
restored to factory settings !!!

My Friend Is Always There

Each Relation May Change In Life
But Friendship Always Remains Same
Does Not Sees The Person
And Does Not Sees The Blame
As So Pure And It's So Rear
I Know My Friend Is Always There...

Friends Are Light

Friends Are Light In The
Darkness Of The Night,
Friends Are That
Rare Pretty Sight,
With A Friend Sitting Close To You,
You Always Feel Alright,
You Always Feel Bright !!!

Friend Who Loves And Cares

The Most Beautiful Thing In Life Is
Having A Friend Who Loves And Cares
About You Despite The Way You Are.
Cherish Them, Love Them,
Protect Them, And Nurture Them.