Sometimes saying sorry is difficult


Sometimes saying SORRY
is the most difficult thing on earth
But its the Cheapest thing
to save the most expensive gift called Relationship...

Sorry is not enough

I m sorry
Never assure urself dat
Sorry is enough 2 make sum1 come back 2U.
Wen pain strikes d Heart
Relationship fades away.
No matter how gr8 it was.

The pain you give to the hearts

The pain you give to the hearts,
which loved U and cared U all ur way from months n years,
can never be erased by the one word called “SORRY” !

I m Sorry can change everything

I am sorry card
Sometimes a genuine apology,
a simple heart felt “I’m Sorry
can change everything and
start to mend the deepest wounds.

I Am Sorry for all that

sorry forgive me
I Know How Angry You Are …
What You Must Be Going Through
So I Hope , You Know
How Sorry I Am For All
That Happens Between Us …
Please Forgive Me