Pappu Pay Attention

Pappu was listening to music in the class.
Teacher(To Pappu): Pay Attention.

Pappu: Sir, I am paying Attention.
Teacher: Really? What is the last thing I said?
Pappu: The last thing you said is,
"Pay Attention" 😁😀

Want to be a millionaire

Santa: I want to be a millionaire,
just like my #Grandfather.

Banta: Your Grandfather was a millionaire?
Santa: No, He also wanted to be a millionaire! 😜😂

You must be Kidding

Son: My fathers name is Laughing
and my mothers name is Smilling

Teacher: You must be Kidding !!! 😀
Son: No, that my sisters name,
I’m Joking!!! 😀😜

Do you Love Me Or Money

A husband sent a text to his wife,
"Darling! Do you #Love me m
ore than my money?"

Wife replied back, "¥ € $"
The husband is still confused !!!

Girl sitting on park bench

A Girl was sitting on a park bench.
Beggar: Hi #Sweetheart.

Girl: How dare you call me sweetheart?
Beggar: Then what the hell are you doing on my bed?