Your Dream and Goals

Your Dream determines your Goals,
Your Goals map out your Actions,
Your Actions create Results,
And the Results bring you Success.
Good Luck for your Goals !!!

Who wishes for you

Care for the one who shares with you,
Share with the one who knows you,
Know the one who misses you,
Miss the one who well wishes for you,
Wish you All the Best !!!

Luck smiles at you

I wish you all the Best with your endeavours
And may everything comes out in your favour.
Anywhere you Go, Anything you Do,
May the Luck smiles down at you.
Wish you All the Best in Life!

The man who persists through bad luck

"All of us have bad luck and good luck.
The man who persists through the bad luck
- Who keeps right on going
- is the man who is there
When the good luck comes
and is ready to receive it."
- Robert Collier

May UR Future always shine

Fly in the Plane of Ambition,
& Land in the Airport of Success.
The Luck is yours, the Wish is mine,
May Your Future Always Shine.
#Good_Luck !