May you find your valentine

Do you Know
Why #Nature made everything in pairs ?
Eyes, Ears, Hands and even arms and legs
But left the #Heart alone?
So that one may find the missing pair.
May you find yours on this Valentine's day!!!
Happy Valentine's day!

Kyunki Valentine Kareeb Hai

Aakhon Mein #Noor Hai,,,
#Chehre Pe #Suroor Hai;
Koi Mange Mera Number 
To De Dena,
Kyun Ki
#Valentine Kareeb
Aur Meri #Shadi Abhi Door Hai... :D :P
Happy Valentine's Day!

I will Love you Forever

I Finally got my
Past, Present and Future tenses correct today.
I Loved you. I Love you. I will Love you Forever!
Happy Valentine's Day, My #Sweetheart !!!

Valentine and Vela Time

What's the difference between a "Vela time" and 'Valentine'?
When you have a #Vela_time,
you spend it on your Valentine,

And when you have a #Valentine,
you never have a Vela time!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!

My Sweet Valentine Love You

#Flirtation if for seconds,
#Passion is for minutes,
#Liking is for hours,
#Longing is for days,
#Missing is for weeks,
Infatuation is for months,
Remembrance is for years,
But #LOVE is till eternity...
LOVE you my sweet Valentine!
Happy Valentine's Day!