Red Rose for You

#White_Rose is for Purity,
#Orange is for Desire,
#Pink is for Gratitude,
#Peach is for Appreciation,
And #Yellow is for #Friendship.
But I chose Red Rose for you
Which symbolizes #LOVE

True Love Never Dies

True #Love never dies
It remains in #Life forever
It's not a #Game of clever
It's an only chance to Live
In someone's heart forever
Love is that feeling
Which Comes only from a ture lover
Love is not to forget lover
It's to wait for lover forever
By also knowing that person
doesn't come back ever never...

Love is for Life Time

Sometime LOVE is for a moment
and some time LOVE is for Life Time <3
But sometimes a moment with the one you LOVE
is enough to spend a Life Time <3

I Truly Love You

Love is a like the Blue Sky,
Like the waters of the Sea,
Love is pure Feeling, as pure as it can be,
Love is my story, a dream come true,
For million such other reasons,
I Truly Love You <3

Whom You Love the Most

When you Read a #LOVE quote,
You never think of the person,
Who has written the quote,
But __
You alwayz think of the person,
Whom you LOVE the most !!! <3