Home without dad

Home without Dad is like...👪
A chair with 3 legs...
It is difficult to manage..😥
But somehow you have to manage....😇

I am sitting Alone

I am sitting Alone miss you status

I am sitting alone
Lonely Feeling So Blue
I #Dream of you

Miss You Bad
Hoping My Dreams
would come True

Life without you is

Life without you is miss you status

Life without you is
like Tree without leaves
-It is Barren.
-It is Lifeless.
-It Pines to be Quenched.
-It seeks to rise and flutter in the breeze.
-It is just Tragically Incomplete.

You always in my Heart

When I'm bored I just count the stars at night
to just know how much being missed
When the rain is raining I count the drops falling on me
is that #more_drops_I_miss_u_much
Always be reminded u'll always be in ma heart

Hum is missing Tum

This mSg iz from hum -2 tum
That Hum is missing Tum very much
And without Tum Hum iz very Lonely
So Tum never go far from .......
Hum otherwise Hum will Miss Tum A lot ...