Life without you is

Life without you is
like Tree without leaves
-It is Barren.
-It is Lifeless.
-It Pines to be Quenched.
-It seeks to rise and flutter in the breeze.
-It is just Tragically Incomplete.

You always in my Heart

When I'm bored I just count the stars at night
to just know how much being missed
When the rain is raining I count the drops falling on me
is that #more_drops_I_miss_u_much
Always be reminded u'll always be in ma heart

Hum is missing Tum

This mSg iz from hum -2 tum
That Hum is missing Tum very much
And without Tum Hum iz very Lonely
So Tum never go far from .......
Hum otherwise Hum will Miss Tum A lot ...

Missing you when hurted

Can u fill it,
permission denied,
don't try again,
nobody is authorised for this,
Who are they cant ��
Missing u a lot mostly when hurted !!!

I Miss You in ASCII Sign