A Guy and a Girl

A Guy and a Girl can be just friends
But at one point or another
One of them will fall for the other,
may be temporarily,
may be at the wrong time,
may be too late or may be,
just may be ...forever.!  :(

To Miss Someone is Painfull

Walk is EASY
But Walking #Alone is TOUGH
Being #Loved by someone is SECURE
But #Loving someone is INSECURE
Being #Missed by someone is NICE
But to #Miss someone is PAINFULL

The Biggest Hurt is

Some people #Hurt by words ,
Some by Action & Some by Silence ...
But the biggest #Hurt I believe is
That Someone ignoring us
When We Value them a lot....

Whenever i feel Alone

Whenever i feel Alone..
Nobody was there..
To hold my hand,
hug me tight...and Say...

Strongest people feel pain

Some people think that
to be #Strong is to never feel pain.
In reality the Strongest people
are the ones who feel it,
understand it and accept it !! :(