Love Punjabis Because

I love #Punjabis
because only two types
of discussion happen in mind...
How to Lose Weight
and What to Eat Next? 😀 😂

Ingredients to make Alcohol

I don't know the ingredients
they used to make #Alcohol
but am sure 🤔
they added #happiness,
truth, and English 😜

Things that make Man Happy

Five things that make a Man Happy :)
1. Buy 1 get 1 free
2. Flat 50% off
3. Unlimited beer
4. Winning Cricket match
5. Wife not at Home 😀

Goyal Mallya Teams Up

If Goyal of Jet Airways teams up
with Mallya to set up a new airline,
it will be called GolMal Airlines 😀
And if Subrata Roy of Sahara joins them,
it will become Sub GolMal Airlines! 😂😂😂

Don't answer video calls

Most females don't answer
video calls after 9 PM...

Because their face is
restored to factory settings !!!