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Why Santa Claus always man

Why #Santa_Claus is always a man?
No woman will wear
the same dress
year after year for same occasion :D :P

Status of husband in world

#Chess is the only game in the world,
which reflects the status of the husband,
The Poor King can take only one step at a time...
While the Mighty #Queen can do whatever she likes :) :D

Man never satisfied with

No man can ever be satisfied
with 4 things in LIFE:-
1. Mobile
2. Automobile
3. TV
4. Wife
Because, there is always
a better #Model in neighborhood  :P

Need Life for Candy Crush

Two Girls were Talking:-
Girl 1: Do you have #Whatsapp?
Girl 2: No

Girl 1: #Twitter?
Girl 2: No

Girl 1: #Facebook?
Girl 2: No

Girl 1: Then what do you have?
Girl 2: A #LIFE
Girl 1: Great!
I need 1 for #Candy_Crush !!! :D

6 Types of Girls

According To A Research,
There Are Basically 6 Types Of Girls
1. Hard Disk Girls – Remember Everything Forever
2. RAM Girls – Forgets About You The Moment You Turn Her Off
3. Screensaver Girls - Just For Looking, Not For Touch
4. Internet Girls – Easy To Access & Explore
5. Server Girls – Always Busy When Needed
6. VIRUS – These Type Of Girls Are Normally Called Wife,
Once Enters In Your System
Don’t Leave Till Everything Is Corrupted.