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Smile can touch Heart

Every little Smile can touch somebody's #Heart.
May you find hundreds of
reasons to #SMILE today.
May you be the reason for
someone else to SMILE :)
Good Morning & Have a great week !

Stay Fit & Healthy

If you are not finding time
for today's fitness,
then you are saving that time
for tomorrow's sickness.
Stay Fit & Healthy!
Good Morning!

Make most of each day

Today let us remember that
#Life gives no guarantees.
It is uncertain and unpredictable.
Hence, it is our absolute duty
To make the most of each day.
Good Morning and Have a wonderful day!!!

If you need Wisdom

If you need #Knowledge,
keep Adding something new
to your mind everyday...

But if you need #Wisdom,
then keep Deleting a few things
from your mind everyday....
Good Morning!

Today is always in your hand

There are only 2 days in a year
when nothing can be done.
One is #Yesterday and other #Tomorrow.
Today is always in your hand - to Love, Believe and Live.
Have a Lovely Morning!