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Wish you Good Night Sweet Dreams

Night is longer than day
for those who DREAM
Day is longer than night
for those who make their
DREAMS come true.
Wish you Good Night
and Sweet Dreams.....

Sweet Dreams always be with you

No matter the sky is black or blue,
no matter there’s stars or moon,
as long as UR heart is true,
sweet dreams will always be with u..
Gud ni8

Good Night Say thanks to god

S-Say thanks to the god.
L-Lying on the bed.
E- Eyes closed slowly
E-End of the day.
P- Plan for the next day.

Difference - Horror and beautiful night

Difference b/w horror N beautiful night ???

A beautiful night is when you hug your teddy bear n sleep.
Horror is when it hugs you back.

I can't sleep without saying Good Night

You are the reason
why I have sleepless nights.

You are the reason why
I tend to hold my pillow tight.

And you are the reason
I can't sleep without saying Good Night.