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Enjoy each moment

When happiness knocks your door
Don't ignore it in the hope of bigger one
That may never come,
Enjoy each moment of happiness
no matter what past held for us
or what out future has in store for us.]

Learn from mistakes

Learn from mistakes inspirational status

Mistakes teach you a Lot
But each mistake costs a lot too,
So read and listen about
the mistakes others did
& Learn what not to do.

A Matter of Time

A School Bell
that sounds annoying at 8am,
sounds exciting at 4pm.

It’s just a matter of Time. Stay Positive.✌

Two things define you

Two things define you.
Your #Patience
when you have nothing,
your #Attitude
when you have everything.

Live each day better

Live each day better inspirational status

Life doesn't allow us
to go back and fix
What we have done
wrong in the past,

But it does allow us to
Live each day
Better than our past.