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When I Miss you This Happens

In the morning, I missed breakfast
While going to office, I missed the bus
In the office, I missed the Deadline
While at home, I missed my Favourite TV show
This is What happens when I Miss you !!!

I will Die every minute without You

There are 60 Minutes in every Hours
I will Die Every Hour without you
There are 60 Sec. In Every Minute ...
I will Die Every Minute Without you ..
There are 365 Days In Every Year ...
I will Die Every Year ..Without .you
My Dear without You .. :-( <3

Miles away a Heart Remembers You

Separation is a Wound
that no one can Heal but,
Remembrance is a gift that no one can steal,
Miles away a Heart Remembers You.

I am thinking that you are thinking

When you’re thinking

that I’m thinking of you,

I’m thinking

you’re thinking of me…

You always running in my mind

You must be a good runner
because you are always
running in my mind.
Miss you, my sweety pie . . . .*