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If you Stand for a Reason

If you Stand for a Reason,
Be prepared to stand like a Tree,

If you fall on the ground,
Fall as a Seed…

that grows back …To Fight Again.

Sweetest part in life is

Sweetest part in life is
To carry all the memories
the toughest part is
to 4get the person
who is behind those memories...

If U love someone show it

If U love someone,
'show it'
it's better than
'telling it'.

If U hate someone,
'tell it',
it's better than
'showing it

Real Feelings R always Unspoken

Some promises r always unbroken..
Some memories r always unwritten..
Feel the magic of true relation & U will know dat
Real Feelings R always Unspoken..

A Relationship by Just shaking hands

A Relationship Doesn't Shine
By Just Shaking Hands
In Best Time!
But It Blossoms
By Holding Hands Firmly
In Critical Situation !!!