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Someone else like you

Girl: Promise me you won't #Love
any other girl than me.
Boy: I can't.
Girl: So there's someone else?
Boy: Yes. And she looks exactly like you but younger.
And She will call you "Mommy'. <3

When a Boy Says

When a Boy says Sorry even though He didn't do anything
When a Boy cries because he still Loves you or misses you
When a Boy still tries to get you Back
When a Boy no matter how much you hurt him still Loves you...
When a Boy stops his Argument with his Girl to save his Relationship
When a Boy continuously makes U feel special & Tries to make U Happy
When a Boy is Upset but doesn't tell you as He thinks He is annoying you
When a Boy wants to Leave you, because of your Rude behavior, but He is Not able to do.
Don't Let him Go
You May Never find Someone Like that Ever again..!!

Why fall in relationship

A Girl asked a Boy -
Why we fall in a relationship
when we know  that someday it will end...
Boy- I will answer you...
But first tell me why do we Live
When we know that someday we will die...

When you give importance

Reality of #LIFE
When you give importance to people
they think that you are always FREE
They don't understand  that you
make yourself available for them every time....

Never Take Them Granted

We Take Everything For Granted,
- A Constantly Worried Mom,
- A Strict Dad,
- Annoying Brother,
- Rude Sis,
- Chipku Friend,
- Posessive Lover,
- Nagging Wife,
- Demanding Husband,
Blink ! U Lost Them
U'll Miss Them As
- Caring Mom,
- Concerned Dad,
- Best Bro,
- Stupid Sis,
- Mera Jigar: My Friend,
- My Wife: My Love,
- Loving Hubby
Don't Take Them For Granted.
Life Never Gives a 2nd Chance..!!