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Why do u follow me everytime

Awesome touching msg:

Girl: Why do u follow me every time?

Pappu :- Well,

When i was kid, my parents always used to say
"keep following your dreams until you get them"!
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If you meet Rajnikanth What you want to do

If you meet #Rajnikanth...
What you want to do ?
1. Hug him
2. Take a picture with him.
3. Read Jokes about him and laugh together.
4. Get blessing.
5. Beg him teach you all #awesome things he does.
6. Watch his movie #Robot with him.
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I was not always HEARTLESS

Awesome Lines By A Broken Heart
I Was Not Always #HEARTLESS
After You Broke My HEART
I Start Using My #HEART LESS.... :(
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Brilliant Answers by a Student

Brilliant Answers by a Student who got 0% Marks.
Q.1 - In which battle did Tipu Sultan Died ?
Ans - In his Last Battle.
Q.2 - Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed ?
Ans - At the Bottom of the Page.
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Never leave someone for something

Short and Awesome
Leave "something" for "someone"
Never leave "someone" for "something"
in life "something" will leave U but
"someone" will always be with U ♥
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13 Best moments of life

13 Best moments of life:--

-To fall in love.
-To clear your last exam.
-To wake up and realize its still possible to sleep.
-To get a phone call saying class is cancelled.
-To feel butterflies every time you see THAT PERSON..
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You carry someone's baby

That #Awesome #Moment
When You carry someone's baby
& they refuse to go back
to their parent's hands
just because they #Like you :D :P
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Your DP Is Awesome

Pappu commented on a girl's DP
Pappu: Your DP is awesome!

Girl: Awwww... Thank you. :)
Pappu: Mujhe Bhi Sikha Do
Aise Hi #Photoshop Karna !!!
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Have a fantastic year

May the coming year be for you:
Awesome Jan
Mind-blowing Feb
Wonderful March
Super Duper April
Funfilled May
Victorious June
Amazing July
Carefree Aug
Rocking Sept
Cheerful Oct
Prosperous Nov
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Khoon Ke Rishte Mein

पत्नी: अगर मेरी शादी
किसी “राक्षस” से भी हो जाती
तो मैं इतनी परेशान नहीं होती
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