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If u walk towards Light

Career is lyk Light
& Love is lyk shadow...
if U try 2 catch d shadow, u'll miss d Light...
But if u walk towards Light, shadow 'll automatically follow... @
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If you promise to be mine forever

I must have been born under a lucky star,
to find a person as nice as you are,

and I will follow the rainbow until the end,
if you promise to be mine forever!
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Why do u follow me everytime

Awesome touching msg:

Girl: Why do u follow me every time?

Pappu :- Well,

When i was kid, my parents always used to say
"keep following your dreams until you get them"!
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Future of Students in incredible india

Our incredible INDIA...♥
-The smartest students pass
with 1st Class and get admissions to
Medical and Engineering colleges..

-The 2nd Class students get
MBAs and LLB's to manage the
First Class students..
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Never Miss Boy with following Qualities

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Procedure to Follow karna padta hai

Customer (Female) - Agar main aaj cheque jama karu to ye kab clear hoga?
Clerk - 3 din mein
Customer - Dono bank aamne-samne hain fir bhi itna samay Kyun ?
Clerk - madam , PROCEDURE to FOLLOW karna padta hai na.
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iPhone is Salman Khan of mobiles

#iPhone is the
Salman Khan of the mobile world. Expensive...
Just one design... Same performance
No change or enhancement And only cosmetic changes...
A lot of blind fan following!!! :D
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God Bless You throughout Life

God Bless U and keep U Safe,
not only today but throughout #Life that is coming ur way.
May the year to follow be among the best you ever spent!
Happy New Year!
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Girls Eyes Reveals the Feelings

!~♥~! Dedicated to All Girls !~♥~!
She Says: “You are Just a Good Friend!”
Her Eyes Say: “I Can’t See you to be Anyone’s Boyfriend!” She says: “Go Away!”
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True Leaders are those

There are some people who make their followers or supporters.
They may not be considered as True Leaders.
They are the False Leaders.

True Leaders are those who make another leaders
instead of making followers or supporters...
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