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Our friendship like hands of clock

Our friendship is like hands of clock,
Though we r in d same clock, we r nt able 2 meet.
Even if we meet, It is only 4few mins But stil our friendship runs nonstop.
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True Friendship ends no where

Life starts with a voice but ends with silence.
Love starts with a fear but ends with tears.
True friendship starts any where & ends no where...
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FRIENDSHIP simply U and I

A little more truth & a little less lie,??
A little more WE & a little less  i, ??
A little more Laugh and litl less Cry,??
It is simply U & I.
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Zindagi ki raho mein bahut dost milenge

Friendship  -
Zindagi ki raho mein bahut se dost milenge
Hum kya hum se bhi ache hzaar milenge
In acho ki bheed mein hume na bhula dena
Hum kahaa tumhe phir milenge...
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Friendship increases Life value

LOVE : increases your Heart value
SMILE: increases your Face value
PLEASURE :increases your Mind value
FRIENDSHIP: increases your Life value...!
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Circle of our friendship has no end

Stars has 5 ends
Square has 4 ends
Trinagle has 3 ends
Line has 2 ends
but Circle of our friendship has no end.....!!
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U get doubt abt my Friendship

At anytime if u get Doubt abt my Friendship,
tak a coin,
Toss it
If its Head, I'm ur true FRND &
if its Tail,
Slap urself n toss it again
until its head. ;-) :P
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Friendship ends when

Life ends when u stop dreaming,

Hope ends when u stop believing.

Love ends when u stop caring,

Friendship ends when...






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Love is possible after FriendShip

Love is possible After FriendShip
FriendShip is Not Possible After Love


Medicines Work Before Death
Possible after death....
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Friendship takes care of another heart

Love is Beautiful
Bcoz its A Feeling Controled by the Heart.
But Friendship is very-2 Beautiful
its a Feeling that Takes Care of Another Heart....
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