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The past is a stepping stone to future

The past is a stepping stone to the future once past.. look at it.. learn from it.. ..and move on to the future; the past can be revisited but never relived.
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So Always Take Care

Care is sweetest essense in world
if someone says take care
it means
U live in dat peron's heart till d last beat
....So Always Take Care.....
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Life never turns the way we want

Life never turns the way we want,
we can live it the best way we can..
There's no perfect life,
We can fill it with perfect  #moments#
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Some definitions for LIFE

Some definitions for LIFE :
* Smile : It brings a difference. :-)
* Cry : Holding those emotions in your heart is bad for you. ;-(
* Kiss : It's the most wonderful way to express your love in the world. :-*
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You keeps me smiling

Mistakes make me human.
Failure makes me stronger.
Love keeps me alive.
But its YOU who keeps me smiling ♥
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Love is an evergreen relationship

Love is an evergreen relationship
Which never thinks that y we r lovers?
but when lovers miss each other
their hearts feel every thing is missing in their lives
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U have 1000 reasons to Smile

Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets.
When Life gives U a 100 reasons to cry,
show Life that U have 1000 reasons to Smile.
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Whenever U miss me say CLICK

C.L.I.C.K. means :
C= cant live without u
L= Love u
I=  I miss u
C= Care about u
K= Kiss from my heart 2 u
So whenever U miss me just say CLICK.
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Morning to live another beautiful day

Morning does not mean that you have to get up and work again.
Morning is Gods way of saying that He loves you so much
He wants you to live another beautiful day.
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Never plan for the Future

Never plan for the Future,
because when the future will come, it will come.
You just go on living each moment as totally as possible,
so when the future becomes present you can live that, too — totally.
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