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Company of Good People Is Like

The Company Of Good People Is Like The Shop Of Perfume..
Even If You Buy Or Not
You will Still Get Lot Of Good Fragrence..
Have A Wonderful Day
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Happy Perfume Day

Happy Perfume Day
  (.” )
,_/ \\
      ! ) ) ~~~ poooo
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Sweetie please Send me 15k

Girlfriend:" Hey
Boyfriend:" Who's Hey.. ??, don't ever call me back.
Girlfriend:" Sorry! My Love, how are you doing.. ??
Boyfriend:" I'm Fine! And You.. ??
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Friendship is like an Umbrella share it

Heart is like a Crystal, preserve it.
Love is like Perfume, spread it.
Feelings are like Water, flow with them.
And Friendship is like an Umbrella, come let's share it!
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Husband Main Dubai ja raha hun

Husband: Main #Dubai ja raha hun
Wife: Mere liye jewellery lana Husband: #Paris ja raha hun
Wife: Mere liye cosmetics lana Husband: #London ja raha hun
Wife: Perfumes leke aana Husband: #Narak mein ja raha hun
Wife: #Bhagwan ka diya sub kuch hai
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Girls & Boys Before Going Party

Define Girl : The one who before going out for a party gets,
Facial, Bleach, Waxing,
Hair curling/straightning,
Threading, Toning,  crubing, Moisturising,
done &
Puts on  Lipstik, LipGloss, Lipliner,
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Kaun Sa Perfume Hai?

ताऊ Hospital गए
इलाज़ करवाने
नर्स: लम्बी साँस लो
ताऊ ने लम्बी सांस ली
नर्स: कैसा महसूस हो रहा है
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Don't be afraid

There is no #Wine
if grapes are not pressed.
No #Perfume
if flowers are not crushed.
So, don't be afraid
if there are pressures in your life
that will bring the best out of you!
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