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A True Friend irritates when

A True Friend irritates
when u say i m SAD,
Laughs when u say i'm SORRY,
Smiles when u say MISS U.
Kicks when u say i'm BUSY.
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Girlfriend message her boyfriend at 7am

A GIRLFRIEND msgd her boyfriend (PAPPU) at 7am :
If u r sleeping send me UR #Dreams,
If u r crying send me UR #Tears,
If u r laughing send me UR #Smiles"
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Best Friends give Laughing Tears and Crying Smiles

Some people give Tears and make us Cry;
Some give Smiles and make us Laugh;
But only rare can give us Laughing Tears and Crying Smiles.
Those are our Best Friends like you!
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How Much I Like You

I Cant Say How Much I Like U.
And How Special U Are To Me..
But, I Can Say

My World Is Full Of Smiles
Whenever U Are With Me.. :)
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Because my girls smiles while

A Kids Cute Love <3 Even though
I Got Beaten By My Mom
n Teacher 4 Breaking Pencil Tip.
Still I Do It Coz
My Girl Smiles
Giving Me d Sharpener. . . *.*
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Happy New Year from bottom of My Heart

Some people have nice Eyes
Some have nice Smiles &
Some have nice Faces
But you have all of them topped with a nice Heart <3
Wish you a Happy New Year from the bottom of My Heart <3
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I Promise You Have My Heart

Through all the smiles & tears,
Hard times & Good times,
my sillyness & your crazyness
i'll always be with you
I promise with you!!
You have my word, my heart...:) Love You
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Friendship is based on

Romantic #Relationships are based on
expectations and responsibilities.
Professional relationships are based on
Gains and Losses.
But #Friendship is based on
#Smiles and #Laughter. :)
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Luck smiles at you

I wish you all the Best with your endeavours
And may everything comes out in your favour.
Anywhere you Go, Anything you Do,
May the Luck smiles down at you.
Wish you All the Best in Life!
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