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Confession by a Girl & Amazing Reply

Wonderful #Confession by a Girl in Church &
Amazing reply she got She: I m in love with a boy
who is far away from me
I m in india and he lives in uk..
We met on marriage website
Became friends on #Facebook
Had long chats on #WhatsApp
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If you become my Valentine

If we date and you become my Valentine:
You can have my phone password
Read my texts and mails and answer my phone
Get on my FB and Twitter and see my Whatapp!
You see, I'll have nothing to hide
except for you from the world!!!
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Need Life for Candy Crush

Two Girls were Talking:-
Girl 1: Do you have #Whatsapp?
Girl 2: No

Girl 1: #Twitter?
Girl 2: No

Girl 1: #Facebook?
Girl 2: No

Girl 1: Then what do you have?
Girl 2: A #LIFE
Girl 1: Great!
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Bhoot Unemployed Ho Gye

एक वक्त था जब रात 12 बजे के बाद
भूत ,प्रेत ,चुड़ैल से डर लगने लगता था ,,,
लेकिन #Twitter, #WhatsApp
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Patni Ki Dhamki

पत्नी द्वारा अपने पति को
नए अंदाज़ में दी गयी #धमकी...
तुम जितना समय
#Facebook, #WhatsApp, #Twitter को दोगे !
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