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That person always accept us

Our worst behaviour is always reserved
for the person we Love the most,,,
Because somehow, that person will
always accept us as we are !!!

Pyar kisi ek se krunga

#Pyar to kisi ek se krunga...
ho ska to kisi nek se krunga...
jab tak nahi milegi vo nek...
Try to har ek se krunga... :D :P

Only the wearer knows

Lawyer: Why do you want to divorce
such a beautiful and lovely Wife?
Husband: Look at my Shoe,  it is also beautiful
but only the wearer knows how much it pinches!

Chicken ke sath roti

Santa roti ka 1 tukda khud kha raha tha
aur 1 pass baithi murgi ko khila raha tha...
Banta: "Ye kya kar raha hai?"
Santa- "Chicken ke sath roti kha raha hu..
Shravan chal rahe hain na...

Hunda Pyar Matlab Da

Umra takk sath nibhaun wali ajj mainu kive bhull gyi...
dekh uchian cara kothiya gaira te kive dull gyi..
sochda c k kamli kardi e pyar meri rooh nu..
par hunda ae pyar matlab da ajj eh gall v khull gyi...

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