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Prayer is open line to God

Prayer is a 24 hour open line to God.
No handset required,
No SIM Card problem,
No network or signal error,
No battery or charging issues,
And above all, no billing,
So make #PRAYER a habit like Texting!!!

Har vaar thagge gye haan

Jad v ishq samunder de,
gabbhe gye haan,
har vaar hi, thagge gye haan,
bhalde hoye moti,
nitt khaare paanian naal,
ladde gye han....

Life seems more beautiful

Eyes speak more
when a heart starts listening
to some one silently
Life seems more beautiful
when some one starts
reading your eyes silently !!!

Nadan Si Hoti Hain Behen

Bohat Chanchal, Bohat Khushnuma Si Hoti Hai Behen.
Nazuk Sa Dil Rakhti Hain, Masoom Si Hoti Hai Behen.
Baat Baat Pe Rowti Hain, Jhagarti Hai, Larti Hain
Nadan Si Hoti Hain Behen.
Hain Rehmat Se Bharpoor Allah Ki Rehmat Hoti Hai Behen.
Ghar Bhi Mehak Uthta Hai Jab Muskurati Hai Behen.
Hoti Hai Ajeeb Si Kefiyat Jab Chhor Ke Chali Jati Hai Behen.
Ghar Lagta Hai Soona Soona Kitna Rula Jati Hai Behen.....

Kiss ASCII Sign


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