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Never get upset after breakup

Chinese never get upset
after breakups
They know that they will find
an exactly same looking partner
within minutes :P :D lolzz


iPhone feeling of landline

Who said Land-Line phones are out of fashion?

Simply buy an #iPhone
All day long, it has to be plugged to a charger.
By God, it really gives you the
feeling of being a 'Land-Line' phone!!! :P


If Guy Pauses His PLAY STATION

Dear Girls
If A Guy Pauses His
PLAY STATION Just to Text u Back
Marry Him !!! <3 :P

Dear Boys
If A Girl Ruins Her Wet NAIL POLISH
Just to Text u Back
Marry Her !!!  <3 :P


Aim in Life should be

Aim in Life should be: 654321

6-Six digit salary
5-Five working days
4-Four wheeler car
3-Three room flat
2-Two cute children
1-One sweetheart :P :D


Tusin vi Vehle te Asin vi

When I #Whatsapp and you read,
We both think of each other.
Do you know What that means?
It means...
Tusin vi #Vehle te Asin vi Vehle!!! :D :P