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Never Give Up‬ Attitude

In every problem of ‪#‎LIFE
There is only one thing
that don't let me to accept my lose
And that is my ‪Never Give Up‬ Attitude

That I am the best

I don't say that I m best
But if u notice my positive points
Then u will realize that
I am the best

Never Give Up Said Easily

"Never Give Up",
the word which can be said easily
People, Who have guts, can do this properly
But if u are dishonest & U have No guts
Then U can't even deserve to say
"Never Give Up"

Why are boys so careless

Why are boys so careless
and irresponsible ?
Bcz they know somewhere a
sweet , responsible giRL
iS there for them ..!

I am the best for them

I never prove to be good enough
For every one...!

But I'm the best for them
Who understand me.. :)