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Flirting with someone else

Don't be sad
When U see ur ex boyfriend/girlfriend
Flirting with someone else
OooooOoooOooo cOme on yarrr....
Learn to donate ur old toys to poor kidz :-p
Thatz called #Attitude ;-)

Don't show me your Attitude

Don't show me your Attitude
there is no space for your Attitude in my life
am full of bitch

Being Human is my Style

Being human is my #Style
Not Fighting is my #AtTiTude
HElping other's is my #Happiness
Not Studying is my #careness
Doing maths is my #Interest
Listening to heart is my #Hobby

That gets the honour to keep me

There i Go. . .
To the GIRL that WANT ME
To the LOSER that LOST ME and
To the next LUCKY BASTARD that gets the honour to KEEP ME B-)
Bitch Please :-P

Nobody is perfect in this world

Nobody is perfect in this world
But remember I'm nobody.....
Don't under estimate the power of mine
bcz if u do thn you'll nvr do such a job...