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Many reasons If a girl cries

If a girl cries,
there will be many reasons . . . .
but. . .
If a boy cries,
there will be only one reason . .
That is a "GIRL"  :'(

Dedicated To All Angels

Dedicated To All Angels.
Dear Girls...
You Are Beautiful :) ♥
Dont Harm Yourself For
A Guy Who Goes Only
For Your Looks :'(
You Are Father's
Mumma's Doll ♥ ^-^
So Dont Let Somebody
Make You Feel Low And
The Way You Smile :)
The Way You Cheer Up
Your Family And Friends,
And The Way You Care

Its All What Makes You
Beautiful Little Angel

Never Miss Boy with following Qualities

***** For Girls *****

Never Miss a Boy with the following Qualities.

¤ When a Boy says Sorry even though he didn’t do anything.

¤ When a Boy cries because he still Loves you or misses you.

¤ When a Boy still tries to get you Back.

¤ When a Boy no matter how much you hurt him still Loves you.

¤ When a Boy stops his Argument with his Girl to save his Relationship

¤ When a Boy continuously makes U feel special & Tries to make U Happy

¤ When a Boy is Upset but doesn’t tell you as He thinks He is annoying you.

¤ When a Boy wants to Leave you because of your Rude behavior, but He is Not able to do.

Don’t Let him Go.

You may never find someone like that Ever again…♥

When a boy calls you cute

When a boy calls you cute, he likes your face.
When he calls you hot, he likes your body.
When he calls you beautiful, he likes your heart.

Boys are like Bluetooth

Boys are like BLUETOOTH connection,
when UR beside them they stay connected
But when you are away they search for new devices...