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Every Girl Wants A Guy

Every Girl Wants A Guy:
Who Hugs Her When They're Watching A Scary Or Romantic Movie,
Who Gives Her His Jacket Even When He Himself Is Feeling Cold,
Who Will Always Be The One To Make Her Laugh,
Most Importantly He Will Love Her For Who She Is !

That Guy Is What Google Calls "No Result Found" ..!!

The Queen protects The King

Every man needs a woman when he',s a mess,
because just like the game of chess:
"The Queen protects The King!"

Always be a princess to Dad

A Girl may not be the queen to her boyfriend or husband,
but She will always be a princess to her DAD :)

When a Girl can't live without you

When a Girl says that She can't live without you,
She has made up her mind that you are her future.

When a guy likes someone

It's funny how you can always tell when a guy likes someone else,
But you can never tell if he likes you.