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Girls & Boys Before Going Party

Define Girl : The one who before going out for a party gets,
Facial, Bleach, Waxing,
Hair curling/straightning,
Threading, Toning,  crubing, Moisturising,
done &
Puts on  Lipstik, LipGloss, Lipliner,
Perfume, Body toner, Body lotion,
Eye liner, Eye shadow, Eye maskara,
Foundation, Face powder, Rings,
Bracelets, Neckless, Nail Print
Party dress, Sandal, Purse
and Says "Yaar,jaldi me kuch kia hi ni,
aise hi uth kar aa gayi ..."
Define Boy: The one who before going to party
calls his friend and asks,
"Bhai, tu nahaa ke aayega kya ?
Main nahi nahane wala aaj." :D :P

I Want When You Smile Cry Sleep

Boy: When U Smile, I want UR #Lips.
When U Cry, I want UR #Tears.
When U Sleep, I want UR #Dreams.
Girl: I`m in the Toilet,
U want my Shit too??? o_O :P

if you are annoyed by friend requests

Dear Girls,
if you are annoyed by
too many friend request from boys..
Just set your original pic as profile pic.
if it doesnt work :-
wash your face, take a pic and try again.

Facebook Team

I can Tell Your English Result

A Girl updated her #Status:
"2 day is ma result,, i um vary mucah hape.."
I Commented: I can tell your #English result right now..! xD :P

BoyFriend won 10 crores in Lottery

#BoyFriend: pack UR bag #Sweetheart
I've won Rs.10 crores in a #Lottery
GF: Wow!
Now #London ya #Switzerland?
BF: Who Cares?
U just pack UR bag
& GET LOST... xD :P