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Man of my dreams

I hope you come back
very soon my Love ❤.
the difficulties that
We endure are nothing
compared to the
great love i feel for you.
always keep in mind that
You are the man of my dreams 😍

Pappu Pay Attention

Pappu was listening to music in the class.
Teacher(To Pappu): Pay Attention.

Pappu: Sir, I am paying Attention.
Teacher: Really? What is the last thing I said?
Pappu: The last thing you said is,
"Pay Attention" 😁😀

Learn from mistakes

Learn from mistakes status

Mistakes teach you a Lot
But each mistake costs a lot too,
So read and listen about
the mistakes others did
& Learn what not to do.

Learn to Apologize

If U want a Strong And
Never Ending Relationship
Then Learn To Apologize,
Even When Its Not Your Mistake
Bcoz Its Necessary To
Keep The Relationship Not The Ego !!!

Root cause of a Problem

Fix The Root Cause Of A Problem,
Not The Surface Of The Problem Itself
When A Flower Does Not Bloom
Then You Don’t Fix The Flower,
You Fix The Root And The
Environment In Which It Grows.