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Secret of Happiness

The secret of #Happiness
is to count your blessings

While others are adding
up their troubles

Make your life better

Make your life better status

Some people make your life better
by walking into it,

While other people will make your life
better by walking out of it.
Good Morning and Have a Good Day !!!

Everything for a reason

Everything happens for a reason:
#Live it, #Love it, #Learn from it.
Make your #Smile 🙂 change the world
But don't let the world change your smile !
Good Morning !

Ignore negative things

Did you Notice ?
That all #Happy faces
have closed eyes?
And on the other hand,
All #Sad or #Angry faces
have open eyes.
This is life...
Close ur Eyes &
ignore all negative things
to Live #happily.

Attitude changes

I donot know why..😕
Whenever my life takes some changes...😧
everytime Someone's attitude towards me
also gets changed..😤
but the great thing is...😎
I doesnot give a damm_✌👌🙏