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Feelings are most delicate thing

Feelings are the most delicate thing in life
Never hurt them
when someone truly shows feelings to U.
because a great saying says :-
"Today its ME, Tomorrow it can be U...
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New day New morning






"New" success.

"New" feelings.
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Real Feelings R always Unspoken

Some promises r always unbroken..
Some memories r always unwritten..
Feel the magic of true relation & U will know dat
Real Feelings R always Unspoken..
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Why we write etc

Why we sometimes write "etc." at the end in examz
Bcoz it means
e-End of..
But teachers dnt understand our feelings.
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I want to be happy again

No one understands the silence between my words
No one understands the sadness behind my smile
No one understands the unsaid feelings of mine
They think I am fine but only I know
Daily I am dying...
I want to be happy again
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Day and Night my thoughts are of you

As days go by my feelings get stronger
To Be in UR arms I cant wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & U'll see that its true
Day & Night my thoughts are of U.
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Distance never separates any relation

Distance never separates any relation,
time never built any relation,

if feelings are true from HEART,
then 'NEARESTS ARE ALWAYS NEAREST' in any condition..
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Friendship is the rainbow

Friendship is the rainbow between 2 hearts.
Sharing 7 feelings….
1- Love ♥ ,
2- Sadness :-( ,
3- Happiness :-) ,
4- Trust ;-) ,
5- Faith :-D ,
6- Secret :-o ,
7- Helping 0:)
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Why did you leave me alone

Today I am sitting alone and thinking,
Why did you leave me alone?
giving me the pains which I do not own.
Why did you broke me into two,
without caring about me and listening me too.
Why did not you try to understandmy feelings, my dear,
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Tab se pyar andha hai

Sweet Story:
1 baar sare feelings ne decide kiya ke
wo log chupa chupi khelege..
Dard'ne counting start ki or baki
feelings chup gaye...
'jhut' ped k piche chupa or'pyar' gulab ki
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