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Life is about Love happiness Experiences

Life is about love, which starts with unconditional self-acceptance
Life is about happiness, which is mental and emotional freedom.
Life is about experiences, which means making decisions and living with them for good or for bad.
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Tan banda golgappe kha lave

People says Love brings spice, tears,happiness,flavour
and taste to life
but i personally believe,
je eh sab hi chahida ya,
tan ehto changa banda golgappe na kha lave.......!!!!
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EveryOne wants happiness not pain

EveryOne wants happiness,
No one needs pain, But its not possible to get a rainbow
Without a little rain :)
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Good times are on the way

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness,
hard times and good times.
If you are going through hard times,
have faith that good times are on the way.
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Ingredients to make Alcohol

I don't know the ingredients
they used to make #Alcohol
but am sure 🤔
they added #happiness,
truth, and English 😜
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