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When a Boy Says

When a Boy says Sorry even though He didn't do anything
When a Boy cries because he still Loves you or misses you
When a Boy still tries to get you Back
When a Boy no matter how much you hurt him still Loves you...
When a Boy stops his Argument with his Girl to save his Relationship
When a Boy continuously makes U feel special & Tries to make U Happy
When a Boy is Upset but doesn't tell you as He thinks He is annoying you
When a Boy wants to Leave you, because of your Rude behavior, but He is Not able to do.
Don't Let him Go
You May Never find Someone Like that Ever again..!!

Why fall in relationship

A Girl asked a Boy -
Why we fall in a relationship
when we know  that someday it will end...
Boy- I will answer you...
But first tell me why do we Live
When we know that someday we will die...

Crushes are more beautiful

Crushes are more beautiful than Affairs
because there is no responsibility,
no worry, no commitment.
Just look at your #Crush
and #Smile like an idiot.<3 :P

Everyone is different from you

Not Everyone thinks the way you think,
knows the things you know,
believes the things you believe,
nor acts the way you would act.
Remember this and you will go a long way
in getting along with people... <3

Strongest people feel pain

Some people think that
to be #Strong is to never feel pain.
In reality the Strongest people
are the ones who feel it,
understand it and accept it !! :(