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Friendship is like a message

#Love is like a phone call,
if you do not pick, it will be missed,
But #Friendship is like a message,
it remains with you until you open it !!!

When Love met Friendship

One day Love met Friendship
Love asked:-
Why do U EXIST ?
When I already exist,
#Friendship replied:-
Where U have Left #TEARS

Friends and Medicines similar role

Friends and Medicines play a similar role in our lives.
Both take care of us in pain...
but the only difference is -
#Friendship does not have an expiry date!

Making friends for the complete Life

Making friends for the complete Life is not important.
But having a Friend who fills up
the incompleteness in your Life is the most Important!

Old friends best to keep

Some things when Aged are the best:

Old wood best to burn
Old books best to read
Old wine is best to drink
Old rice is best to eat
And old friends best to keep !!!