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Friendship collection of Hearts

Friendship is a collection of  #Hearts,
ready to give, share and understand.
It never fades and never ends.
It only reminds us that life is not perfect without a Friend.
Happy #Friendship Day !!!

Life Beautiful with True Friends

Life can give us
a number of Beautiful #Friends !!!

“Only True Friends can
give us a Beautiful #Life…!!”

Do not hurt a True Friend

Do not Love a friend who Hurts you,
And Do not hurt a friend who Loves you...
Sacrifice everything for a True Friend,,,
But do not ever sacrifice a Friend for anything!

Never try to test friendship

Never ever try to test friendship
because Friends are like diamonds

when you hit them they don’t break
but may slip away from your Life....

Friendship is like a message

#Love is like a phone call,
if you do not pick, it will be missed,
But #Friendship is like a message,
it remains with you until you open it !!!