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The recipe of Friendship

The recipe of #Friendship:-
1 cup of sharing
2 cups of caring
3 cups of forgiveness
and hugs Mix all of these together

To make Best Friends Forever !!!

True Friend Loves more than Lover


I Love you
But i am not your Lover.
i Hug you
But i am not ur Life Partner.
I Care for you
But i am not from your Family.
I am ready to share your pain
But i am not in your Blood Relation.
They are... Friends !
A True Friend scolds like a Dad !
Cares like a Mom !
Irritates like a Sister !
Teases like a Brother !
And finally
Loves you more than a Lover <3

Friends on Facebook & WhatsApp

Its not important to have
long list of #Friends on #Facebook & #Whatsapp.
But its important to have some friends,
who can read your Face as Book and ask Whats up... :)

Friend is sign of God's Blessings

#Smiling is a sign of Good Mood

Laughing is a sign of #Happiness
Praying is sign of Good #Faith

And having a #Friend is a sign of God's Blessings!

Friends are great than Relatives

Friends are great than Relatives
#Relatives have blood relationship
& #Friends have heart relationship
& Heart supplies blood to all parts of body :)