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When Love met Friendship

One day Love met Friendship
Love asked:-
Why do U EXIST ?
When I already exist,
#Friendship replied:-
Where U have Left #TEARS

Friends and Medicines similar role

Friends and Medicines play a similar role in our lives.
Both take care of us in pain...
but the only difference is -
#Friendship does not have an expiry date!

Making friends for the complete Life

Making friends for the complete Life is not important.
But having a Friend who fills up
the incompleteness in your Life is the most Important!

Old friends best to keep

Some things when Aged are the best:

Old wood best to burn
Old books best to read
Old wine is best to drink
Old rice is best to eat
And old friends best to keep !!!

The recipe of Friendship

The recipe of #Friendship:-
1 cup of sharing
2 cups of caring
3 cups of forgiveness
and hugs Mix all of these together

To make Best Friends Forever !!!